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Most Decorated Car

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**(Image cropped and resized to 10x6.764 resolution 237 px width 2370x1603)**

CarWithArt - 2012-09-15_12-33-14_143RESIZED
**(Image cropped and resized to 10x6.764 resolution 237 px width 2370x1603)**

The purpose of this gallery is to illustrate methods of identifying locations and dates of daily photo and or video shoots whether on a cruise, or with a tour group. etc. When reviewing several earlier trips it appears that 2011 was the first time that we used this tip from MS blog class instructor on 2010 cruise. Some images are out of focus, taken in a rush and unsteady hands with Olympus P&S pocket camera. Those images are legible even though somewhat blurred. We now have a Sony dxc hs9v camera point and shoot and Iphone5s as backup to Sony A6000, and we anticipate using all three cameras on our next trip. When we prepare for travel we will work on proper focus for photos of maps, signs and snapshots of computer screens as illustrated at the end of this gallery. Maps are useful if followed by image of computer display showing time, and date details. Next trip we will include within that image the identity of the camera along with focus for each day. On any land tour we expect to do the same since we will be at a different place at different time every day of the trip. The same result is accomplished if the image created in Word and collated with the images of the daily photo shoot. But, when taking a photo of first frame we have documented purpose of the day’s shoot for each camera and the first frame is saved with associated images on memory cards and albums. Describing the purpose or scope of agenda for the day in large font using word and taking photo of display has its merits. The first image will describe topic/destination for that day with a brief description of events for filing in the folder where related images are stored. In addition, we take notes on a notepad as well as MS Notepad describing when, where and how photos were taken during the day along with other journal notes of events for each day. Related these events in a drafted page web page each day and transferring notes to blog pages is a useful documentation of the trip. This exercise reminds us of those who wrote time and place on back of photos, but in earlier times not everyone did that. Identifying people and places of old photos is a challenge. This method of taking photo of a computer display that details events for the day is our way of writing notes on back of group of images. After testing framed text box for daily photo shoot, we will prepare a text box for each day of our next cruise. We can also use photo of text box before leaving the ship and another page with topic notes when returning to the ship. Preparing MS templates with proper font size in a MS Word document and bringing these pages up to view on a tablet saves time during the trip so it will not be laborious and time consuming as we would like to participate in other activities on our trip, as we find it useful to design a skeleton of a blog journal before we depart, we prepare label pages for photo-shoots beforehand.