samtex Las Vegas house of wax enabled a fun shot that looks almost real.

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Photography and Slide Shows:

Within 2016 we will be focusing on photography and slideshows.

Our purpose

Smugmug is my site to upload images or videos at the original resolution. Collection of photos and videos includes travel images, family gatherings,  Austin Traffic videos, golf images, and Drone/Quadcopter videos, etc. Our family web site, presents family history displaying images of family gatherings collected from inherited or loaned family photos some of which are from extended   family members or from the book "Amslers of Austin's Colony."   Selection of such images at bottom of this page. is a repository of images for display, storage, and retrieval.


Christian acapella presentations.  Maintaining Fairview web site:

                                                              Travel Page:   UPDATE LINKS NP THEN POST!

xxx maintenance update pending

Lewis and Clark:  Lewis and Clark Expedition maintenance update pending


Collecting videos of Austin Traffic maintenance update pending

Austin Traffic: maintenance update pending

Golf videos:  Videos of golf swings.  

Traffic Journal - dashboard camera videos maintenance update pending


My web sites and blogs

Drone /Quadcopter flying for collection of photography for landscape